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Xendurance – Creatine JB Lemon-Citrus


Amerikanske Xendurance er blant markedets ledende innen profesjonalitet og ytelse på sine produkter. Dette er tvers igjennom forskningsbaserte produkter som benyttes av toppatleter verden over. Deres Kreatinprodukt, Creatine JB, er 99.9% kreatin monohydrat, noe som hermer kroppens egen produksjon av kreatin og videre bidrar til en god absorpsjon av produktet i muskelvevet.

“Creatine is one of the most widely studied supplements available today. Creatine-JB is formulated with the cleanest and most bio-available creatine on the market, Creapure® from Germany. Creapure® is 99.9% Pure Creatine Monohydrate, mimicking what is produced naturally in the body and improving absorption into the muscle. Creatine-JB promotes increased energy and strength.Adequate creatine stores in the brain allows for optimal energy production to support brain and cognitive function. Creatine-JB supports protein synthesis and muscle growth, power and recovery. There is no load phase required for Creatine-JB. It is easily digested and is a light, lemon citrus flavor.”



Can I take Creatine-JB with Caffeine?

– Studies on taking Creatine and Caffeine together are split. Xendurance takes the position to err on the side of caution. We recommend avoiding caffeine 30-60 minutes after taking Creatine-JB.

Do I need to cycle off Creatine-JB?

– Due to Creapure’s high purity and bioavailability it has been shown that there is no need to cycle Creatine-JB

Does Creatine-JB cause bloating?

– Creatine does increase water retention which can in some cases cause bloating. Due to the purity of Creatine-JB we have alot less reported cases of bloating.


If you want to increase muscle mass and boost strength, then supplementation with creatine is effective in helping you achieve these goals.

Dr. Antonio, a professor at Nova Southeastern University and CEO of the International Society of Sports Nutrition states, “To date, creatine is clearly the single most effective dietary supplement for enhancing gains in anaerobic performance as well as increasing body mass and muscle fibre size.”

Recommended usage:

1 Scoop with 200 – 250ml of water once a day, every day – before or after workout or training. For optimal results, we recommend not mixing creatine with caffeine or other acidic drinks. Remember to increase your water intake when using Creatine.

Ingredients: Creatine Monohydrate , Cane sugar, Calcium Lactate Magnesium Lactate, Acidifiers (citric acid and malic acid), Natural orange flavour, Natural sweetener (Stevia).



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