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Stretchy American WOD Jorts

Stretchy American WOD Jorts

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"Some say that Jorts are "back".... Well we say they were never out of style in the first place! After much discussion at Born Primitive (and maybe a few cocktails), we decided to bring these bad boys back into the spotlight, with a few key modifications. First, we added a polyester/spandex blend to the denim of these men's jorts, giving you that same denim feel but with ridiculous flexibility for extreme comfort and functionality. Second, we made them so they come pre-frayed, giving you that vintage Jort look that your Dad probably rocked working on his Firebird in the garage while he was rocking Van Halen and drinking a Bud Heavy. The interesting thing is these jorts for guys are actually great for working out, especially on a heavy squat day when you need a little extra help coming out of the hole! So it doesn't matter if your adventure takes you to the gym or the tailgating fields, you are going to be dressed for success when you snag your first (and second/third/fourth) pair of Stretchy American WOD Jorts!"


Sizing Guide:
S- 28″ Waist & Below
M- 30-32″ Waist
L- 34″ Waist
XL- 36″ Waist
2XL- 38-40″ Waist


**Sizing Note: If you don't want the snug fit like shown in the pictures, we recommend bumping up to the next size. 


Product Specifications: 

  • Flexible, ridiculously stretchy demin shorts
  • 75% Cotton, 25% Polyester, 2% Spandex

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